I am grateful to all those who visited my site!

My paintings - is a call to pay attention to the beauty of life.

Oil painting for me - is a passion. Perhaps the time has come when I as the professional journalist can't find enough words to convey all that is accumulated inside. My paintings - is an inner protest over terrible things, that are happening in the world today: betrayal, cruelty, violence, war, terror, evil.

Painting - is my desire to show, again and again, all this amazing beauty of life which we, humans, are obligated to save. I am creating oil paintings, use mixed techniques, experiment. I come into direct connection with my future creation, "pull" it from myself. I am inspired with flowers, lush green leaves, incredible clouds, children's laughter, my son's eyes that glow. Inspired with life...

I took that risk and opened my soul on canvas. Yes, probably, each artist does like that. There are no borders in my work. By the way, I've studied painting independently and appreciate famous global artists who inspire me. Impressionism, abstract painting, abstract expressionism, surrealism, modern impressionism, intuitive painting - all of that intersects in my works. I'm using the mixed technique that makes it possible to clearly convey feelings. My landscapes are more like intuitive painting: impression, kinda acceptance of the perception of life. I'm using mestichino to work in conjunction with traditional tools, it makes it possible to experiment, convey my mood, helps to spit emotion on canvas. I like to work on a black canvas. Black canvas transforms the perception of colors and shapes.

Absolute freedom - this what really painting is for me. If we cease to create - we cease to be human beings. I am sure that my paintings keep energy force and purity, that I want to give to the audience.

"People, value every moment of life, admire those around you, take care of natural beauty!" - this message is hidden in my paintings.

I hope my work will bring joy to you. My career of the painter had just started, but I have had 30 years of interesting professional journalism and public life. Now my words is the color on canvas.

Sincerely, Lyudmyla Savkova.