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Liudmyla Savkova's painting "Peony" was added to the museum collection of The V. V. Vereshchagin Mykolaiv Art Museum

An important event! In May 2020, "Peony" painting by Liudmyla Savkova has replenished the museum fund of The V. V. Vereshchagin Mykolaiv Art Museum! This is one of the 66 paintings that were presented at the first personal exhibition of the artist "Value the beauty of life!", which took place in the famous museum.

  • The first personal exhibition of Liudmyla Savkova's oil paintings "Value the beauty of life!""

    On February 13, 2020, there was an opening of the first personal exhibition of paintings by Lyudmila Savkova "Value the beauty of life!". The exhibition was held at The V. V. Vereshchagin Mykolaiv Art Museum and gathered about 100 people from different professional fields. The exhibition featured 66 oil paintings by the artist, painted in various techniques and genres during 2015-2019. These are mystical landscapes, bright still lifes, and amazing abstract paintings that impress with harmony and emotionality. Mykolayiv residents and guests of the city had the opportunity to visit the exposition during the month. The event received many positive feedback and was covered in regional and national media: Губернская неделя, НикВести, Вечерний Николаев, Николаевские новости, СВІДОК.info, Урядовий кур'єр.

  • Great interview with an artist Liudmyla Savkova

    "Correspondent Alona Tkachenko managed to communicate with Liudmyla Savkova, feel her paintings and see the secret place where unique works are born, from which the heart freezes, and the soul and subconscious pass in one wave with the painting and the master. Most of the artist's works are done while standing, she calls this process “dancing near the canvas.” The peculiarity of the artist's paintings is that she does not make a linear drawing, which means that all works are done without sketches." Read the full interview in ukrainian on Gweek or in russian on 0512.

  • "Space" by Liudmyla Savkova at Burning Man 2019

    During the summer of 2019, Liudmyla Savkova's painting“Space” took part in an international art project the Burning Man festival, which took place in the desert of Nevada, USA. The video with this abstract painting was broadcast on the largest art object - the PlayAlchemist pyramid. Tens of thousands of "burners" were able to see the painting "Space". About 100 artists from Ukraine took part in this project.

  • "Wave" is the best painting of the week at the Jose Art Gallery website

    In April 2019, Liudmyla Savkova's painting "Wave" was recognized as the best painting of the week on the portal of the international online gallery Jose Art Gallery. The painting has passed the state evaluation and is sold both on the website of the Jose Art Gallery and at the online store of the artist Savkova Art on Etsy.

  • Products with prints of paintings by Liudmyla Savkova: postcards, notebooks, cases for smartphones and apparel

    Savkova Art team is constantly experimenting. Prints of paintings by Liudmyla Savkova were used for various products. Different goods are available for ordering: postcards, notebooks, cases for smartphones, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts. Reproductions of works in the format of printing on canvas are also offered. Reach out to the contacts listed on this site or send your inquiries to our social networks with the note of product and the painting you want to use as a print. We guarantee the quality and originality of our products. Value the beauty of life!

  • Art workshops

    In early 2018, Liudmyla Savkova moved the creative process to her first art studio. For 3 years she changed 2 workshops. Currently the operating workshop is located in the historical center of Mykolaiv.

  • Photo sessions of paintings

    From March 2016 to November 2017 there were three photo shoots of Liudmyla Savkova paintings held in the photo studio "Reporter", Mykolaiv. 45 works by the artist were shot. As of 2020, the artist has almost doubled her creative output.

  • Charity auction

    There was a charity auction of paintings "See the World" held in support of children with visual impairments. It took place on October 8, 2016 in The V. V. Vereshchagin Mykolaiv Art Museum. For all proceeds from this auction of paintings, the charity fund purchased equipment for the office of the children's department of the Mykolaiv Regional Ophthalmological Hospital, where children will be able to receive treatment free of charge. Liudmyla Savkova's painting "Red Flowers" (60x70, oil, 2016) took part in the charity auction and found its new owner.

  • The first plein air

    The beauties of Mykolaiv region are for the artistic eye. Watch, be inspired, create. Only the open air allows you to see all the richness of color changes caused by sunlight and atmosphere. Liudmyla Savkova's first plein air was successful. It was a special event. In her first plein air, the artist painted "Bay" painting (40x50, oil, 2015, mixed technique using a spatula/palette knife).

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